Lonsdale United Methodist Church

Dates to Remember...

​Sept 28 - Scout Meeting

October 5 - Scout Meeting

October 12 - Scout Meeting

October 19 - Scout Meeting

October 26 - Scout Meeting

   It's Popcorn Time in Tennessee!

Boy Scout popcorn sales will begin September 24. Please visit the table in the Vestibule and get your popcorn! There are many varieties to choose from, so there is something for everyone! Donations are also accepted!

Proceeds from the popcorn sales support the many activities that the Scouts participate in throughout the year.

Our church is blessed to have its very own Boy Scout troop! Lonsdale UMC is home to Scout Troop 2. The troop has been a part of this church for 15 years!

Through this program, Scouts learn many great aspects to life, are taught how to make the most out of life, and learn how to be leaders in their communities and in the world.

Below are important dates to remember and some more information on how our troop works! 

                                                Court of Honor

                                               September 2, 2017

The United Methodist Men always supports our Scout Troop! They provided a pancake breakfast for the Scouts and their families, as well as the church family and honored guests on Saturday, September 2. 

Following the pancake breakfast, the troop held its Court of Honor. Two of the Scouts advanced in rank, and they all received Merit Badges that they earned at Scout Camp in July.

The Troop and UMM also honored Eric Rutledge, an Eagle Scout who has been helping as a Scout Leader in Troop 2 for several years. Eric's family accompanied him to the breakfast. Eric recently graduated from college, and is going to be living abroad for a while, so he will be leaving Troop 2. We thank Eric so much and wish him success in all that he does. We hope he comes back to see us soon!

"A great commitment to the great commandment and the great commission builds a great community."